Free Pet Homes Pet Cage Tag

free pet cage tag

Does your animal have a cage? Have you ever wanted to have a cage tag?

Well you’ve probably never given it a second thought, but if you do want one, Pet Homes is giving them away for free.

According to the site

Give your pet his own name plate! Attach to your pet’s home. It can easily attach to cage, kennel or hutch.

You can put ANY message you like on the tag, “Please come and Pat Me” or “I Don’t Bite, I’ll Just Lick up to Death” or “I’ve Been a Naughty Boy”

You can write on the plastic tag with a White Board Marker pen which can later be rubbed off to change words. Or you can use a permanent marker which can be erased with some nail Polish remover.

All you have to do is fill in your details and include the “Secret Word” which is HAPPY.

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