Free 14 Day Value H20 Drinking Water Trial (Business Offer/ Sydney Only)

value h20

Value H2O is giving Sydney business’ the opportunity to trail their drinking water for 14 days.

According to the site:

Sign up for your obligation FREE trial today and a Value H2O filtration unit will be delivered to your door –¬†at absolutelyNO COST to you.

Choose from our refillable free standing unit or a point of use plumbed in water purifier that connects directly to your existing tap water supply. Bench top models are also available if floor space is limited.

At the end of your 14 day FREE trial period, if you choose to continue enjoying endless cool clear drinking water AND saving money by converting your own tap water into freshly filtered water that never runs out, we offer a value-added rental and service agreement all rolled into one.

To get your free trial fill in your details onsite.

The offer appears to be ongoing.

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