Free Ganoderma Infused Coffee Sample

concious cafe

Conscious Cafe is giving you the opportunity to obtain a free sample of their Ganoderma infused coffee.

According to the pitch:

Who would have thought to have the genius and vision to infuse Gourmet coffees, green tea or hot chocolate with “Ganoderma”, according to science Ganoderma is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature. It’s the “king of herbs” in Chinese medicine.

Ganoderma is now infused into all of our company’s coffees, teas and hot chocolate, its ok, you can not see, smell or taste the special herb, only the delicious smooth taste of these special unique gourmet coffees, teas and hot chocolate. You can now enjoy a healthier version of these every day beverages (you need to treat yourself).

To get your free sample email with your details.

There’s no expiry date listed but it’s likely while stocks last.

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